Welcome to our website and blog, like it’s written in the “About us” section of the home page, one of our major aims as a studio is to bring quality entertainment to the local and global audience with awesome games, graphics and characters.

My name is Gideon, and I along with the awesome team here at Avena will be updating this blog regularly with all kinds of news, information, game development process and other stuff we feel you guys might be interested to see and know about us. Sometimes it might not always be directly related to a particular game you are looking out for, but we promise it will always be entertaining!

We like to keep it simple and short. Please look forward to more awesome posts and games from us, you can also keep track with us through our different social media platforms

Facebook – https://facebook.com/GamesAvena

Twitter – https://twitter.com/avena_games

Instagram – @avenagames

We’re very open to questions, game ideas, suggestions and information.




    Hi Avena games, I have been trying to reach you. I work for a company that distribute games. Kindly reply this mail with an email address I can use to contact you. We would love to work with you

  • Mbembo

    HEllo I like gmes please make kor african game thank you. It need spausen and game over screnns

  • AffiliateLabz

    Great content! Super high-quality! Keep it up! :)


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