Something about us

Avena one of the leading mobile game developers in Africa. Avena Games brings entertainment to a global audience by creating stunning graphics, addictive and engaging gameplay and exceptional storylines in our games. We develop games across multiple platforms on both mobile and PC. Our games are world-class and are targeted at both African and Global audiences with a promise of fun-filled user experience.

What we do differently

We develop African themed-games across multiple platforms on PC and mobile. Our games are world class and are targeted at audiences of all types with a promise of a fun-filled gamer experience. We work in teams and our teams are composed of some of the brightest young minds on the continent and we hope to keep increasing our talent base.

Abu’s Quest

Welcome to Abu’s Quest where you help Abu catch bananas to fill his belly and that of his whole clan waiting for him back in the woods. Control Abu and make your way through levels. Avoid stones, and collect fruits.



  • Control Abu and make your way through levels. Avoid stones, and collect fruits.

    Abu's Quest
  •  Match three fruity characters of the same color horizontally or vertically and guide the gang across the levels.

    Fruity Gang

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    Abu’s Quest
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    Fruity Gang